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Mexico Natural Gas 

Comprehensive, timely, granular view on Mexican natural gas markets, including proprietary monitoring, balancing & forecasting

Inform supply and demand analysis with access to unprecedented export data transparency

Among the features of Genscape's Mexico S&D suite are proprietary-monitored observations that give the market's most timely and granular view of cross-border flows
Among the features of Genscape's Mexico S&D suite are proprietary-monitored observations that give the market's most timely and granular view of cross-border flows.

Mexico is in the midst of major energy market reforms after more than 80 years of being state-run. In the context of North American natural gas, this is leading to the opening of a roughly 8 Bcf/d market, on par with U.S. markets like Texas, Midwest, and California/Desert Southwest. 

Though Mexico produces notable quantities of gas, its domestic production has been in sharp decline. At the same time, domestic demand has been growing for power generation and industrial uses. These factors have led to sharp increases in U.S. exports of gas to Mexico, with more to come. Further, as market reforms take hold, new opportunities for participation within the Mexican market are opening. The Mexico Natural Gas product offers all the tools necessary for market participants to engage the Mexican market. Coverage within Mexico features: daily flows, modeled estimates of production, imports via pipelines and LNG, power burn, and industrial gas demand. Additionally, Genscape provides maintenances and notices, granular insight into cross-border flows--including Genscape proprietary observations on Texas intrastate systems, forecasts and system maps, comprehensive research on individual infrastructure components, as well as weekly commentary on major market events.


  • Daily national and regional balances for six gas zones 
  • Daily intra-Mexico pipeline flows on the SISTRANGAS national gas system, 20 privately operated pipelines & three LNG terminals
  • Real-time estimates of U.S. natural gas exports to Mexico
  • Weekly analytics report covering major market topics & infrastructure developments
  • Forecasts of monthly Mexican S&D fundamentals out five years
  • Interactive maps of pipelines with real-time & historic flows on S&D points
  • Database of Mexican energy infrastructure & fundamentals
  • Unique insight to Mexican power market fundamentals provided by Genscape's Mexico power market analysts, collecting plant-level generation output and balance-of-day & day-ahead load forecasts for nine Mexican power zones


  • Quickly identify cross-border & intra-Mexico opportunities through daily balances & forecasts of intra-Mexican fundamentals
  • Reduce errors in modeling U.S. S&D line items for exports to Mexico
  • Stay in-the-know with weekly analytic reports & direct access to Genscape analysts

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