An in-Depth Look at West African Crude & its Impact on Global Markets

West Africa has been a swing producer ever since the U.S. significantly reduced imports from the region following increased shale oil production. Crude oil from West Africa now flows in shifting patterns to markets in Europe and Asia, as well as the Americas. Those shifts in WAF crude cargo deliveries impact those markets, adding pressure to short-term regional prices.

As a participant in the crude oil markets, it is essential to monitor this activity to optimize your trading decisions. Join our oil team for an in-depth look at West Africa crude and its impact on global markets.

WAF Observed Destinations by Country
SOURCE: The new West Africa Crude Cargo Report offers insight into crude loadings and destinations by country

Webinar Topics:

Genscape’s new West Africa Crude Cargo Report illuminates the flows coming out of West Africa so that traders and analysts can better gauge markets in Asia, Europe or the Americas and utilize insight to better forecast short term price shifts by anticipating the arrival of crude from West Africa. If you are interested in learning more about the West Africa Crude Cargo Report or would like to request a free 2-week trial, please click here.

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