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Genscape Vesseltracker Online

The world's most comprehensive, accurate picture of the maritime sector on both local & global scales

Leverage an intuitive tool that provides maritime operations professionals, fleet owners, and financial institutions with timely vessel movement data, maritime news, in-depth information on vessel characteristics, and more

Genscape Maritime, powered by the industry-leading Vesseltracker™ AIS network, delivers exceptional transparency and insight into global vessel movements and activities, providing the market with an unrivaled understanding of the global commodity supply chain. With 500 million messages processed every day, Genscape tracks more than 144,000 vessels in near-real time daily, with more than 98 percent of the data originating from a privately-owned and operated terrestrial AIS antenna network. Genscape’s partnerships with the leading satellite provider, ORBCOMM, as well as a comprehensive master database of vessels, port, and routings, help complete the picture of the global commodity supply chain.

Genscape Vesseltracker Cockpit Tool
Genscape Vesseltracker's Cockpit Tool allows users to look at vessel locations or port activity in near-real-time. Click to enlarge

In 2006, an Information Technology specialist and a Port Operations Manager founded GmbH, with the goal of bringing higher levels of transparency and clarity into the maritime industry. Acquired by Genscape in 2013, Vesseltracker Online continues to grow the world’s largest land and sea-based commodity supply chain monitoring network.

With broad, flexible solutions, customers gain timely insights into marine traffic and global trade flows. A highly interactive online platform provides intuitive visualization tools for the most accurate, timely global shipping data in the market. Fully customizable data sets available through download or API allow customers to integrate vessel positions, port and berth information, vessel characteristics, route and distance planning, and weather into internal models.

Some key features of Vesseltracker Online:

  • Customized real-time and historical data delivery including reports and analytics on vessel movements, port events and customized projects so you can utilize our data for internal applications, analytics and/or reporting systems
  • Comprehensive vessel database of specifications, characteristics, equipment, ownership and management information, with all changes tracked, and more than 1,000,000 vessel and port images
  • Alerts on vessel status and regions of interest via email, SMS, and phone
  • Up-to-date information and alerting systems on expected, arrived, and departed vessels for a single port or a list of ports
  • Map views and layers including Google satellite, Google earth, nautical charts, piracy, and weather information
  • Distance and ETA calculations to enable accurate predictions of vessel arrival times
  • Mobile access for tablets, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry

Vesseltracker Online customers:

  • Make better, faster, more informed trading decisions ahead of the competition
  • Easily identify market trends and are the first to act on opportunities
  • Gain a clearer understanding of ship movements to build a comprehensive picture of global shipping
  • Accurately predict vessel destinations and ETAs with a dynamic, adaptable service tailored to meet individual needs and workflows
  • Make strategic moves with a more complete, accurate picture of competitors' movements and market share

Vesseltracker Online Offerings:

  • Coastal Account - Global terrestrial AIS coverage
  • Fleet 25 Account - All the advantage of our Coastal account and near-real time satellite coverage for 25 interchangeable vessels
  • Fleet 50 Account - All the advantage of our Coastal account and near-real time satellite coverage for 50 interchangeable vessels
  • Satellite Account - Complete terrestrial and near-real time satellite coverage for the entire commercial fleet
  • Ship Database (ShipDB)

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