Introducing Genscape's NEW Transmission RT

The most complete real-time monitoring of the U.S. power grid; Transmission RT is ideal if you are trading virtuals, nodal LMPs, FTRs or congestion.

Transmission RT shows live data for over 1400 high voltage lines across the US.  For the first time, you can see live data maps showing the status and flow direction of each transmission line. Genscape provides true insight into the supply side of the electric power market. If you trade cash hub, DA/RT virtuals, up-to-congestion, nodal spreads, or FTRs, Transmission RT enables you to see real-time line outages, reversals, and return-to-service, as well as patterns when DAM and RT are separating.

Transmission RT MapTransmission RT Live Data Map showing Ohio River generation flowing to the Midwest load centers

Transmission RT enables you to:

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Want to better calibrate FTR bidding models?  Want to see fundamental congestion patterns in real-time?  Want to customize filters to zero-in on select parts of the grid?  Want advance notice and maximum transparency of market fundamentals?

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