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Supply Side Gasoline Demand Estimates & Weekly EIA Stock Data: A Genscape Case Study

Learn about the strong relationships that exist between rack-based data & weekly EIA fundamental data

Find out how to predict trends in gasoline inventories leveraging Genscape data

Genscape Supply Side Gasoline Demand Estimates and Weekly EIA Stock DataTimely refined products fundamental data is limited in availability. While the EIA provides refined products fundamental datasets for processing, inventories, imports/exports, and demand, the data is not timely, and in some cases, can be delayed by several days or even weeks.

Genscape’s Supply Side products provide a more current view of local, state, and regional refined products demand by monitoring a majority of rack transactions across the U.S. for gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel, aggregating the price and volume data from these transactions on an hourly and daily basis.

This case study explains the Genscape weekly projection for U.S. gasoline demand and U.S. Gulf Coast (PADD 3) gasoline demand based on weekly Supply Side rack activity.

In this case study, you will:

  • Get an overview of the methodology behind Genscape’s Weekly Gasoline Demand Report
  • Understand the relationship between total U.S. gasoline demand and Genscape's PADD 3 demand projections and weekly EIA inventory data
  • Gain insight into how Genscape refinery utilization rates, along with Supply Side data, can be used in regional supply/demand models

This case study uses information from Genscape’s Supply Side Monitor and Analyst, which provide the industry’s only insight into PADD and rack city-related volumes and average prices for the wholesale transactions of refined products. Additionally, Genscape's Refinery Intelligence combines observations obtained from infrared cameras with in-house analytical and technological expertise to provide an unrivaled view into near-real time operations at U.S. refineries.

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