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Genscape Agriculture and Biofuels

QAP Solutions and Biodiesel Industry Dashboard

The most robust and comprehensive Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) solutions

Genscape's RIN Integrity Network™ is the industry’s most robust Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) for RIN verification. The program aligns with the EPA's QAP requirements and provides the most flexibility to renewable fuel producers, obligated parties, mid-market participants and anyone looking to gain trust and confidence in the RINs market. The RIN Integrity Network™ includes the option of RIN replacement.

Consolidated Dashboard

Genscape highlights QAP verified producers to obligated parties and other RIN buyers with an online Biodiesel Industry Dashboard that displays real-time integrity status showing the producer’s operation in good standing. This consolidated view enables current Genscape obligated party customers to login and use the RIN Integrity Network Dashboard as a procurement tool.

Genscape’s goal is to reestablish a liquid RINs market by restoring integrity to RINs, providing better fundamentals as foundation for market transparency and ultimately creating an electronic marketplace to create a path for more secure and efficient transactions of validated RINs.

Better RIN Prices

An obligated party’s confidence in a producer and their QAP program is critically important to getting the best price for RINs. Genscape’s products and services are well known nationally by obligated parties. Additionally, strong confidence is required in QAP provider’s ability to meet their financial commitment for RIN replacement. To achieve this level of confidence, Genscape’s replacement program is backed by its multi-billion dollar parent corporation Daily Mail & General Trust (DMGT).

Low Impact on Producer Operations

Genscape uses monitoring techniques to gather information about a facility that reduces the producer’s burden to provide QAP documentation. Genscape’s monitors are configured per facility in a cooperative process with facility operators to achieve the best setup for the facility and its QAP. Other QAP programs require significantly more documentation and often require bundling of additional RIN services .By selecting Genscape's program, clients are free to manage their RINs with their existing processes and to trade RINs through the channels they choose to maximize their returns.

As the official corporate partner of the National Biodiesel Board (NBB) and the first QAP-A provider, Genscape has experts in the biofuels and RIN industry available to share market analysis and help navigate producers’ individual situations. To schedule a one-on-one conversation with a Genscape expert for a custom evaluation of business options and market analysis, call 866-292-8060 or complete the form to the right.

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