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With thousands of sophisticated energy monitors all over the world, Genscape is unique in its ability to measure energy market fundamentals. We capture these fundamentals using a host of new technologies: infrared, ultrasonics, aerial diagnostics, electro-magnetic frequency monitors – even near-Earth satellite imagery. Across the commodity spectrum – in oil, gas, power, maritime, petrochemical and NGLs, and agriculture – Genscape’s market data is second to none, a vital resource for traders and analysts.

These measured “actuals” are then transmitted to clients either in real-time or near real-time. In either case, the data are highly accurate and timely. Genscape clients often gain first-mover advantage, increased market transparency and an ability to better optimize positions.

Today, we are part of DMGT’s $2.2 billion portfolio of market-leading information companies, but have remained true to our original mission: to increase transparency in opaque energy markets.

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Customer Testimonials

"It's helpful in framing my commodity
outlook and analysis; very user-
friendly and the service is extremely

- An analyst based in
  New York City


"Genscape is uniquely positioned
to offer industry-leading gas
analytics and data services due to
their expertise in Power, Coal,
and Emissions analytics."

- An investment professional at a
  NYC hedge fund


"The new NatGas Analyst product
is great! I can run detailed
searches and compile a multitude
of historical data sets quickly."

- An analyst at Capital
  Management Group




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