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Webinar: Renewable Revolution: Recent Developments & Future Impacts of Solar Generation Growth in ERCOT

Learn how utility-scale solar, distributed energy & other renewables are impacting pricing, demand & transmission in the ERCOT power market

This webinar has already taken place on Thursday, April 27, 2017. Please fill out the form on the right to watch the recording.

Join Genscape’s ERCOT team and Locus Energy for an analysis on the future of solar generation in ERCOT. Although only approximately 1.0 GW of solar generation is currently installed in ERCOT, capacity is expected to reach 2.0 GW by 2018 with capacity estimates ranging from 14.0 GW to 28.0 GW by 2031. With wind generation volatility already a primary determinant in system pricing and congestion magnitude in ERCOT, what should market participants expect from another renewable revolution over the next year and beyond?

This webinar features a look at the current impact of solar generation in ERCOT and provides an in-depth analysis on the impacts and implications of future capacity growth, overall pricing impacts, and long-term congestion patterns. The webinar is followed by a live Q&A session that addressed any additional questions.

Topics covered in this webinar:  

  • Analysis of Solar Capacity 
    • Current Projects
    • Future Capacity Indications
  • Congestion/Transmission
    • Case Studies 
      • Fort Stockton – Barilla 138 kV
      • Solstice – Pig Creek Tap 138 kV
      • Bakersfield Interface
    • Long-Term Expectations
  • Behind-the-Meter Solar
    • Analysis of Development
    • Demand Implications
  • Impacts on SCED Pricing
    • Solar Resource Bid Behavior
    • Expected Long-Term Trends

Genscape's ERCOT Power Market Services Team combines advanced, proprietary modeling technology (SEER) with fundamentals-based analytics to generate daily reports and analyses on the ERCOT market. This insight allows customers to make more informed buying and selling decisions in order to manage risk, minimize cost, and enhance profitability. Please click here to learn more about Genscape's Power Market Services.

Locus Energy's Virtual Irradiance allows users to benchmark, mdoels, and diagnose solar PV site issues with high-accuracy irradiance data derived from satellite imagery. To learn more about the Virtual Irradiance product or to speak with a Locus representative, please click here.

To watch this webinar, please fill out the form to the right.