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Genscape Agriculture and Biofuels

QAP Services and Biofuels Industry Dashboard

The most comprehensive and cost-effective Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) solutions

Genscape’s truly comprehensive suite of QAP services, from verification to implementation, is the low-cost solution for producers seeking visibility and competitive pricing in today’s biofuels market. The Genscape QAP is designed to take on the compliance burden by using patented technology to support audit requirements at no additional cost. Additionally, the Biofuels Industry Dashboard provides a central location for producers of all sizes to get discovered.

Genscape's Biofuels Industry Dashboard

Genscape’s QAP services are EPA approved to ensure RIN Generators and Producers that RINs are valid and competitive in the market. Participating in QAP also provides the basis for RIN buyers to assert an affirmative defense in the case of invalidly generated RINs.


Participants in Genscape's QAP Services: 

  • Relieve ‘audit fatigue’ by consolidating multiple audits into a single site visit
  • Get discovered on the Biofuels Industry Dashboard where obligated parties go for real-time, comprehensive facility information
  • On-demand compliance expertise means you’ll get the answers and assistance when you need it
  • Boost credibility with new and existing credit buyers when you combine
  • Save money on additional services with complimentary, on-demand, step-by-step RIN generation training
  • Access ethanol market fundamentals across the supply chain including storage inventory, ship tracking and production forecasting

To learn more about any of these services, or to request a complimentary expert consultation, please complete the form to the right. 

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