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Genscape Agriculture and Biofuels

QAP Solutions and Biofuels Industry Dashboard

The most robust and comprehensive Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) solutions

Genscape's QAP Solutions is the industry’s most robust Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) for RIN verification. The program aligns with the EPA's QAP requirements and provides the most flexibility to renewable fuel producers, obligated parties, mid-market participants and anyone looking to gain trust and confidence in the RINs market. Genscape’s goal is to reestablish a liquid RINs market by restoring integrity to RINs, providing better fundamentals as foundation for market transparency and ultimately creating an electronic marketplace to create a path for more secure and efficient transactions of validated RINs.

Genscape's QAP Solutions: 

  • Include access to the Biofuels Dashboard for a real-time, consolidated view of registered facilities
  • Include the option of RIN replacement
  • Have a low impact on producer operations
  • Results in improved RIN prices for producers and obligated parties

Additional Biofuels Services Include: 

Ethanol Production Monitor

Gulf Coast Pipeline Intelligence Report Thumbnail
SOURCE: Genscape provides daily gas nominations & a rolling 30-day historical raw gas nomination for each ethanol facility

This report allows ethanol plants, ethanol marketers, transportation suppliers, and risk managers to gain visibility into the operational characteristics of individual plants. Using proprietary methodologies, Genscape accesses the day-ahead natural gas schedules of 70+ ethanol plants, charts the current operational status of each, and compares it to 18 months of historical data for that facility. Clients receive daily natural gas nominations for ethanol facilities, and a rolling 30-day historical raw gas nominations.

Users are able to:

  • Gain visibility into forced shutdowns due to unfair allocation, for example, of energy and transportation services by infrastructure suppliers
  • Forecast the ethanol supply market
  • Ensure equitable allocation of their services and assess risk of service curtailment or forced shutdowns

New York Harbor Ethanol Inventory Report (Click to Download Sample Report)

Genscape uses proprietary monitoring technology to measure ethanol storage tank levels at New York Harbor on weekly basis. Clients receive emailed PDF reports and granular data, delivered 2 days before EIA data, detailing storage levels by terminal and owner for 47 ethanol tanks at this key hub.

This report allows users to:

  • Gain transparency and a valuable reference points to better balance and forecast supply and demand
  • Be the first to know when owners/operators are making early moves by charting individual tank movements against futures contracts
  • Set trading strategies early by using the only stock data specific to NYH

To learn more about any of these services, or to request a complimentary expert consultation, please complete the form to the right. 

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