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Power Market Services

Access to accurate & timely data on capacities, flow & utilization for power

Gain increased market transparency and better optimize your position 

Power RT Map
Power RT Frequency Alerts providing advance notice to clients during a recent significant weather event

Over the past decade, Genscape has strategically deployed thousands of patented and proprietary real-time energy monitors throughout the United States. Utilizing the data from these monitors Genscape has developed a bottom-up approach that uses hard data – not surveys or estimates. Genscape provides accurate and timely data on capacities, flow and utilization for power. These “measured actuals” are then transmitted to clients in real-time or near real-time. Genscape power clients often gain a competitive advantage and increased market transparency to better optimize their positions.

North America Market Forecasting


The smartest trades in the ERCOT CRR market delivered to your inbox up to three days before auction opens.

MISO Month Ahead Outlook

Pinpoints longer-term paths of optimum value in the FTR & prompt month markets.

By combining Genscape’s proprietary line/generation outages and demand/wind forecasts, the Month Ahead report is released 5 days prior to each monthly FTR auction, detailing specific constraint calls, congestion\ visualization, historical trends in DAM congestion & spread, as well as regression-based wind forecasts.

Nodal Market Insights Platform

Unique, user-driven congestion forecast modeling tool that provides a new level of transparency into Day-Ahead and Congestion Revenue Rights trading.

Power IQ

The Power IQ suite of products covers the following regions, PJM, MISO, SPP, NYISO, NEISO, ERCOT, CAISO, and WECC, and active in the real-time, next day, balance of week, next week (PJM, MISO), balance of month, next month, and 60 day (WECC) markets.

The Power IQ team also provides daily briefing calls, customer scenario analysis, and access to historical data on prices, demand, generation, and line outages (proprietary visualization tool available).


Leveraging proprietary data, Genscape’s fundamental models, and a team of analysts, PowerBuyer is ideal for retailers, large industrial companies and utilities who want to pinpoint buy and sell opportunities in the DAM and RT markets. Exceptionally effective, case study available.

Term Energy Price Forecast

Industry leading proprietary data and power market analytics for retailers, utilities, and industrials. 

Windcast IQ

Provides accurate seven-day hourly ISO-level wind power forecasts enhanced with critical congestion information and optional wind farm and nodal forecast granularity.

Windcast IQ is ideal for power traders operating in regions with significant wind; delivers comprehensive analysis and predictions of any wind farm around the world.

Europe Market Forecasting

EPSI Platform

Understand the supply and demand fundamentals of European power markets to seize opportunities and manage risks. 

Fundamental Data

Unparalleled depth and quality of data to develop insights into the fundamentals of power markets.

Market Data Store

The hub for market forward curves and fundamental forecasts from leading data vendors. 

North America Real-time Monitoring

Transmission Line Monitoring

Proven non-contact solutions for real-time line monitoring and rating. 

Power Real-Time (RT)

Power Products Tiered
Genscape's proprietary Power RT platform

Using thousands of patented in-the-field monitors, Genscape’s Power RT service gives clients a real-time view on the status of the power grid. Power RT also gives users notifications of generation outages or changes, helping to better inform trading strategies, analyze production, and optimize asset utilization.

Regions covered in North America include: PJM, NYISO, NEISO WECC, MISO, SPP, ERCOT & Southeast markets.

Power RT Add-Ons

Frequency Events

Learn about frequency disturbances caused by generating units tripping offline unexpectedly in real-time.

Infrared Plant Monitoring

Increase your understanding of power generation in urban and congested areas.

Transmission Real-Time (RT)

The complete real-time monitoring of the U.S. power grid. 

Europe Real-time Monitoring

Power Real-Time (RT) Europe

Europe’s leading source for real-time power market data provides users with an interactive representation of real-time power generation and transmission flow estimates for facilities monitored in the key traded power markets of Europe. The Power RT platform incorporates public data for a complete fundamental data set.

Regions covered in Europe include: Germany, France, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Romania


  • On-demand datafeed - designed for clients who need historical data for analysis but not using the data for real-time trading
  • Real-time datafeed - designed for clients requiring real-time generation data in their trading/analysis systems with high level data integrity demands

Power Data Portal

Hourly power generation and transmission flow data.

Public Data (REMIT)

Europe's supply-side time-series and outage generation data in one place for quick reference and easy decision making. 


Get a regular plant production snapshot morning, noon and night. Genscape provides reports and data files with delayed hourly-average plant production - every hour, every plant, every day.

Power Fuel

Europe Coal Burn Report

Coal burn estimates based on real-time power plant output.

Europe Emissions Report

Weekly estimate of total CO2 emissions by power sector and country.

Generation Fuel Monitor Report

A weekly PDF that reports generation for coal, natural gas, nuclear, and renewables sources on the national level and by ISO with additional focus on coal-to-gas ratios.

U.S. Coal Burn Report

Accurate coal burn estimates based on proprietary, real-time coal plant monitoring. 

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