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Plant Availability Data: Challenges in Gathering, Normalising & Utilising it in Fundamental Analysis

See the importance of European plant availability data for an enhanced view of the merit order curve 

Over the past decade, the increased pressure for greater transparency in European power markets has led to the emergence of numerous transparency platforms from Transmission System Operators (TSOs), generators, exchanges, and data providers. Historically limited, the scope of publicly available data has strongly expanded recently with the adoption and the application of the EU Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT), which requires power utilities to report availability at the plant-level.

This white paper delves into new possibilities offered by European data flows, explores issues in current data publication and quality, and provides examples of inconsistencies in published data. The paper also examines Genscape's processes of collecting, cleaning, and analysing plant availability information from the public domain.

scheduled outages compared to unplanned events
Unplanned availability data is only relevant on a short-term time horizon, whereas planned availability data provides useful insights on a multi-month horizon. Click to enlarge

Topics covered in this white paper: 

  • New possibilities offered by European data flows that gives traders & investors greater insight into market development
  • Issues in current data publication and quality 
  • Examples of inconsistency and incompleteness in published data
  • Importance of reliable and accurate plant availability data for short-term and long-term fundamental analyses
  • Insight into how plant availability data may be gathered, normalised, and utilised in fundamental analysis 

Genscape has developed powerful processes to collect, clean, and analyse plant availability information from the public domain. This data is fully integrated into Genscape’s EPSI platform for power market fundamental analysis, providing users with the ability to directly apply this data in short-term and long- term scenarios. To learn more or request a custom consultation, please click here

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