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WEBINAR: PermiCan or PermiCan't?

The Battle of Production Growth vs Takeaway Capacity

This webinar took place on Thursday, July 19, 2018 at 3 p.m ET / 1 p.m MT

Over the last three months as Permian oil production growth has filled outbound pipelines, the Midland-WTI differential has suffered with June delivery widening to as much as $12. At the same time natural gas bottlenecks are forming and infrastructure changes are impacting flows both in and out of the region.  With production growth continuing to push higher, the market is in a tight situation with crude, natural gas and natural gas liquids facing barrier to full realization of market value. 

The questions on many minds is how quickly can pipeline capacity ramp up and where will it go? Is there risk to oil production slowing down due to natural gas and natural gas liquids constraints, and when might we see constraints alleviated and market pricing increase back to normalized levels? What are the current forecast for oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids from the Permian Basin?

Topics covered in this webinar:  

  • Oil
    • Production Forecast
    • Planned Infrastructure Update
    • Pipeline Flow/Crude by Rail Update
    • WTI-Midland Spread
    • West Texas Oil Storage
  • Natural Gas
    • Production Forecast
    • Exports: Mexico, California & East Texas
  • NGLs
    • Production Forecast
    • Infrastructure & Transportation Update


This webinar included data and analysis derived from Genscape's collection of production forecasts, covering oil, natural gas, and NGL markets. For a more comprehensive and complete view of Permian Basin activity, Genscape’s Permian Basin Analysis Report provides a digestible view of all three markets every six weeks. The webinar also features up-to-date information from our natural gas and NGLs Infrastructure Intelligence Reports, as well as key insights from Genscape’s Mexico Exports service and West Texas Storage Report.


Jodi Quinnell

Jodi Quinnell
Product Manager, Oil

ben chu


Ben Chu
Manager, Equity Products

Anne Keller Anne Keller
Product Director, NGLs