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Real-Time Coincident Peak Alert and Reporting Service

Receive the most accurate coincident peak alerts, while minimizing the number of false alarms

Genscape’s PeakAlerts service enables Commercial and Industrial power users to reduce energy costs by reducing loads during the peak demand periods when their demand charges are calculated.

EPSI Mexico coverage
Genscape’s Demand forecasting team uses a combination of neural network demand modeling, historical weather day matching tools, and Genscape meteorology expertise to independently forecast demand. Click to enlarge

Genscape has been the leading demand forecaster for regional power markets for over 10 years, using a powerful neural network model, state of the art weather data and experienced meteorologists to deliver demand forecasts which consistently outperform demand forecasts of the System Operators. These capabilities ensures that clients of our PeakAlerts service are receiving the most accurate coincident peak alerts, while minimizing the number of false alarms.

Features of PeakAlerts:

  • Access to Genscape’s Meteorologists and Demand Forecasting team
  • Daily 14-day Demand Forecasts (hourly by subregion) including alerts for hours at risk to set coincident peaks
  • Historical coincident peak reporting and performance data
  • Structured e-mails with red and yellow alerts when coincident peak alerts are forecasted
  • XML Feed to enable automation

Benefits of Peak Alerts: 

  • Curtail load when power costs will be most expensive
  • Avoid significant fees associated with buying power during peak hours
  • Minimize the number of times your facility has to react to false alarm coincident events

Genscape’s PeakAlerts service is offered in the following regions:

  • ERCOT 4CP: One hourly system-wide peak per month (June - September)
  • PJM 5CP: Five top system-wide demand hours on separate days (June - September)
  • ISO-NE ICAP: One peak hour (June - September)
  • NY-ISO: One peak hour per year
  • Ontario Global Adjustment: Five top system-wide demand hours on separate days
    (annual calendar starting May 1)

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