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Genscape's Natural Gas Analyst

State-of-the-art, real-time access to natural gas market data and trends

Get the fastest and most comprehensive view of the U.S. gas market 

Natural Gas Analyst is a state-of-the-art, browser-based analytics platform that delivers the most comprehensive natural gas market data set on the market today. Empowering users to create, run, and save highly intricate data queries, it’s like having a full IT and DBA staff at your fingertips.

The platform combines the largest public nomination and flow data with sophisticated in-the-field electro-magnetic monitoring and thermal imaging (infrared) analysis. It offers more computational horsepower than any other natural gas analyst tool on the market today – at a substantial cost savings.

daily nominations with natural gas analyst
Natural Gas Analyst provides access to gas nomination data up to 12 hours before it's available anywhere else. Click to enlarge

To access Genscape’s Natural Gas Analyst product in your own database, Genscape offers, Natural Gas On-Demand Datafeed. The On-Demand Datafeed gives subscribers hands-on access to the industry’s best natural gas database. Ideal for natural gas analysts searching for the highest quality natural gas data to use in their own analytical tools.

A subscription to Natural Gas Analyst includes:

  • Access to the largest public and proprietary combined databases of gas nominations and flows
  • The data combines pipeline nominations with proprietary electromagnetic and infrared monitoring of power plants making it the most complete coverage available  
  • Gas burn estimates based on proprietary power generation monitors
  • Detailed attribution of pipeline reported points including facility types, geography and relationships to reported government data
  • Real-time estimates of the amount of LNG leaving the Everett LNG terminal by truck in a daily spreadsheet including a data feed of historical truck counts

Subscribers to Natural Gas Analyst:

  • Run complex queries quickly
  • Have access to gas nomination data up to 12 hours earlier
  • Embed saved query results directly in Excel or other analytic tools to improve productivity and efficiency
  • Conduct ad hoc data interrogation to answer a specific question

Fill out the form to the right to request a free trial of Natural Gas Analyst.