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Webinar: SCOOP and STACK Deep Dive and What's Ahead?

Gain an Unprecedented View into This Play and the Approaches Different Players Are Taking

This webinar has already taken place Tuesday, January 24 at 12:30PM EST. Fill out the form to the right to watch the recording.

As oil prices stabilize and investors seek out those companies who will benefit most from this broader market inflection point, the Oklahoma SCOOP and STACK along with the Permian have attracted the most attention. But with Oklahoma data so difficult to read, many investors are left wondering: Will SCOOP and STACK live up to their hype?

Taking an integrated view of basin history, geology, recent operator trends and drilling economics, this webinar provids a more clear view of this play and the approaches different players are taking, such as lateral length and proppant loading. In addition, the current state of affairs for Oklahoma earthquakes, infill drilling, DUCs and hedging is discussed.

Topics covered in this webinar:  

  • Opportunities: given geologic complexity, how do different operator’s acreage compare?
  • Trends & approaches: are there trend differences in completion intensity and lateral length and as a corollary are there untapped opportunities or inflection points on the horizon?
  • Economics & sensitivities: At the current forward curve, which companies have the best drilling opportunities, and between oil and gas price movements, will responses differ?
  • The current state of affairs for Oklahoma earthquakes and likely impact on SCOOP/STACK
  • Genscape SCOOP and STACK proprietary DUC and production monitoring models: observations and future implications

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Ben Chu

Ben Chu
Manager of Equity Products

Ben has been in the energy industry for 20 years. He started as a roughneck on a gas drilling rig, worked in various upstream engineering and commercial roles, and led a global effort to manage the major well service providers utilizing operational reports for a supermajor. Ben also worked 5 years on a gas trade floor providing forecasts of North American Gas Production and analysis of NYMEX, regional gas and electricity markets. At Genscape, Ben manages the Equity Products group.

Rick Margolin

Jeremy Sherby
Oil and Gas Analyst

Jeremy has been in the energy research industry for over 4 years and has focused on in depth upstream research for the Permian and U.S. Gulf Coast. At Genscape, he is focused primarily on supporting the quarterly drilling economics analysis across the Lower 48, as well as development of the Equity Insight product. He has a Master’s degree in Finance from Tulane University and is a CFA Charterholder.

Randall Collum

Kartik Patel
Oil and Gas Analyst

Kartik has been part of Genscape’s supply analytics group for about 4 years. His time initially was spent on supporting the natural gas production forecast serving commodity clients with ad-hoc analysis. While he continues to do so, majority of his time is now spent on development of Genscape’s new equity product which serves equity and credit investors. Kartik holds a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from Florida Atlantic University and an MBA from University of Houston.