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Monthly Power Market Outlooks

Get transparency into the supply stack & anticipate price scenarios with key weather & demand information

In order to make better informed, timely decisions, plan ahead, and anticipate different potential price scenarios, it is critical for market participants to understand all of the factors impacting prices in the market, both in the short and longer-terms.

WHUB Weekly Peak Day Pricing
WHUB weekly peak day pricing. Click to enlarge

Designed to supplement the Daily and Weekly Power IQ Market Intelligence reports, Genscape’s Monthly Power Market Outlooks provides transparency into price indicators looking out a month. The monthly outlook includes historical context, weather and demand forecasts, generation outages, additions and retirements, transmission outages, and congestion expectations. The report is currently available for PJM and NEISO, but will be expanding to other regions soon.

Features of the Monthly Power Market Outlooks: 

  • PDF delivered during the last week of every month
  • Historical analysis of the month last year, including weather, demand, generation, and transmission data
  • Weather and demand forecasts for the upcoming month
  • Information on plant additions, retirements, and maintenance
  • Analysis of forecasted top constraints
  • Modeled price scenarios on a week-by-week basis

Benefits of the Monthly Power Market Outlooks: 

  • Gain transparency into regional price drivers and indicators
  • Understand and manage price risk for the upcoming month with a longer-term outlook
  • Compare the upcoming month to the previous month from a generation, demand, fuel, and congestion viewpoint
  • Prepare for major changes a few weeks out

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