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Natural Gas Daily Mexico Exports Monitor

Proprietary, real-time U.S. to Mexico export estimates, at 97% accuracy, complete the U.S. exports picture

Inform supply and demand analysis with access to unprecedented export data transparency

Genscape uses proprietary technology for real-time measurements of power consumption and gas inflow at monitored facilities
Genscape's proprietary technology monitors compressor usage and estimates real-time flows for key export pipelines

More than $10 billion has been invested in planned or completed pipeline projects to export gas to Mexico since major reforms opened up the market. This emerging marketplace will continue to boom. Yet, with more than 30 percent of exports moving on the NET pipeline alone, natural gas traders and analysts have poor timely visibility into the increasingly significant volume of gas leaving the U.S. for Mexico. Genscape’s Daily Mexico Exports Monitor helps fill this blank spot in the data.

As exports on intrastate pipelines continue to grow, monitored data will become more essential to the exports picture: current publicly available data accounts for less than 50% of total exports and will continue to decrease as a total percentage of exports. Based on this necessity, we currently monitor flows on NET Mexico, Roadrunner, Comanche Trail, TransPecos, and Kinder Morgan Border systems. Utilizing this array of monitored locations, Genscape’s enhanced sample brings the visibility into total exports up to 85%. As a result, Genscape provides the market-best modeled estimate of total daily exports with an average error relative to the EIA’s reported monthly values of 3% since June of 2015.



  • Flow data is delivered via Genscape's NatGas Analyst tool in real-time, with the option to also access the industry's most accurate and timely North American pipeline data 
  • Download flow data to Excel to use with in-house models 
  • Receive expert commentary on important infrastructure changes, delivered via email as needed


  • Gain a more complete picture of U.S. natural gas exports with visibility into gas imported by Mexico 
  • Avoid the challenges of a three-month lag in public data with knowledge of how much gas is exported to Mexico in real-time
  • Reduce errors in S&D models with the industry's only highly accurate, real-time pipeline flow estimates
  • Identify flow abnormalities as they happen and be the first to react
  • Stay up-to-date on infrastructure changes with periodic intelligence reports 

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