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WEBINAR: Genscape's Guide to Understanding Mexican Natural Gas Markets

Why the Past is Not Prologue

This webinar took place on Thursday, September 27, at 3PM ET / 2PM CT

Mexico’s natural gas market historically balanced and will continue to balance each day. It is crucial for market players to understand the dynamics of these balances and to receive insight into what’s to come in order to make more informed decisions. This webinar provided a deep dive on how to navigate the market, including a demonstration of the tools that Genscape offers to help you stay ahead and an in-depth forecast for the next five years.

After nearly a century of being state-run, Mexico’s energy markets are in the midst of massive liberalization and privatization reforms. The region’s natural gas market is one of the foundational pieces of this reform, leading to the opening of a roughly 8 Bcf/d of the market. This evolution creates both opportunities and risks for those already active or considering becoming active there, market players seeking to identify new opportunities the market will offer as an outlet for growing US production, and those active in the U.S. market who need the most accurate, timely, granular estimates of cross-border pipeline flows.

Topics covered in this webinar:  

  • Mexican gas production
  • Gas imports via pipelines from the U.S. and global LNG cargoes
  • Mexican gas demand for:
    • Power generation and its role within the Mexican power stack
    • Industrial uses and trends affecting the Mexican industrial sector
    • PEMEX exploration, production, refining, and petrochemical operations

Genscape now offers daily supply and demand balances for the entire Mexican market and six sub-regions. Additionally, Genscape now provides assessments of Mexican dry gas production, imports, and demand for power generation, industrial uses, and PEMEX operations. Each of these components are built from pipeline data across 23 different systems, enabling each fundamental to be dissected down to the state and even meter level. To request a free trial of Genscape’s Mexico Natural Gas product and receive a comprehensive, timely, granular view on Mexican natural gas markets, please click here.


Rick Margolin

Rick Margolin
Senior Analyst, Natural Gas