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Bring Your Own Logger (BYOL)

Low Cost Flexible Data Ingestion From Any On or Off-Site Endpoint

Easily migrate data to Locus Energy applications without hardware additions, for seamless consolidations and retrofits

Locus Energy Site Analytics
Locus Energy site analytics for a commercial PV plant. Click to enlarge

Locus Energy can now collect data from on or off-site aggregators and equipment directly, enabling versatile OEM vendor and third-party support. By allowing gateways such as OSIsoft PI server, ODBC compliant databases, SMA Cluster Controller, Huawei Smartlogger 2000, and Fronius Datamanager 2.0 card to send data using SFTP/FTP, Locus Energy streamlines and optimizes hardware procurement costs and provides unparalleled flexibility.

This type of data architecture directly benefits O&M providers and Asset Managers looking to consolidate and standardize data coming from a variety of system types and equipment vendors at reduced costs. This can be particularly relevant for those who need to retrofit sites with a new monitoring solution without additional hardware. Locus Energy can accept data directly from existing OEM loggers and and other industry standard gateways, thereby streamlining data needs for developers, owners and operators with minimal risk and downtime..

Locus' BYOL' benefits

  • Easily integrate, increase flexibility, and consolidate fleets seamlessly
  • Reduce cost and hardware footprint
  • Support for any logger that can provide FTP push capabilities
  • Remove need for installation time on site
  • Minimize risk and downtime
  • Maintain in-house expertise by continuing to use your own loggerse

With this new ease of ingesting data from many different endpoints, project stakeholders can now take advantage of Locus Energy’s multitude of tools and applications. This includes SolarNOC, Locus’ cloud based fleet management platform, which provides system stakeholders with an unprecedented level of control over how system data is aggregated, displayed and analyzed.

Additionally, by leveraging Locus Energy’s advanced analytics tools in conjunction with their deep intellectual property portfolio, customers will gain access to real-time intelligence on performance, allowing all stakeholders to easily identify which systems are not meeting performance expectations as well as the reasons for underperformance. By pushing this core data to Locus, customers will instantly gain greater return on their investments.

Please fill out the form to the right to request more information on Locus Energy's Bring Your Own Logger service and how you could be eligible to receive a free trial of some of Locus Energy's most advanced analytics tools.