LandViewer is a subscription-based geospatial tool that allows corn buyers, such as ethanol plants, elevators, feed lots, and transportation operators, to make informed crop supply chain decisions.

LandViewer Dual Map
The LandViewer platform allows users to quickly create visual correlations of important market factors. 

The LandViewer online dashboard provides dual-level, real-time views of the most critical variables to the industry, including corn relevant weather variables, pricing data, and ethanol production data, at the county and state levels. Applying geospatial technologies, LandViewer's maps and reports help corn growers and buyers assess land use and crop progress on a sub-regional level to know where to source grain and how to set the best prices. The platform provides daily updates of corn vegetation progress using NASA Satellite data and 26 crop variables, including corn-relevant weather variables, crop stress variables and yield and harvested acreage forecasts available in advance of market reports. The LandViewer systems resulted in a 96% accuracy rate during the somewhat volatile 2012 drought season. 

August Yield Forecast Accuracy
Genscape's LandViewer Corn Yield Predictive Model Delivers Exceptional County-Level Data; 5-Year Historical

LandViewer users benefit from granular data reports and bi-weekly virtual roundtable meetings with industry experts during the growing season (June - September). This data, available before any market reports, allows for more precise price modeling, hedging, and risk management strategies.

When you know the corn supply, you're one step ahead of the competition. Why rely on months old data or estimates when you can have information and projections that are relevant today? 

Please complete the form to the right to request a call with a Genscape expert to learn more about LandViewer and evaluate how it can inform your ethanol pricing, buying, trading or investment strategies. If you'd like to speak with an expert immediately, please call Robert Limp, Global Head of Sales, at 866 292 8060.

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