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Genscape LandViewer

Genscape LandViewer - National, State and County Level Corn Crop Forecasting

LandViewer is a subscription-based geospatial tool that allows corn producers, buyers, and traders to make informed crop supply chain decisions

LandViewer Dual Map
The LandViewer platform allows users to quickly create visual correlations of important market factors. 

Genscape's LandViewer dashboard offers dual-level, real-time images of critical variables for informed pricing and ethanol decisions.

Key features include: 

  • Reliable, in-season weather and vegetation data based on satellite imagery algorithms
  • Accurate yield and acreage forecasts in advance of USDA reports
  • Historical, analogous corn cash pricing
  • Customized daily pricing
  • Bi-weekly crop update sessions lead by industry experts
  • Weekly Crop Consultants' Review - download a sample report here
LandViewer Crop Consultant Report
Genscape's LandViewer Corn Crop Consultant Report is delivered weekly with highlights of area crop conditions.

Benefits of a LandViewer subscription include: 

  • Make confident decision when you have highly accurate predictions before the competition. Genscape's 2013 overall acreage estimate was within 2.6% of the USDA estimate, released months later.
  • Assess real-time corn availability to better manage supply chain risk
  • Determine proper supply radius and identify which grower clusters or grain elevators will be affected by above or below average yields
  • Set prices based on real-time regional supply fluctuations in your supply radius to maximize profits and minimize risk

LandViewer is designed to be a custom service that delivers highly accurate data based on individual needs and geographic area of interest. Click here to review the slides from the September 2014 client-only webinar where clients got six days advance notice on the USDA national yield number, plus county-level forecast data. 

Geographic Granularity Subscription Options:

  • LandViewer Select 
    • ​Includes LandViewer Counties data plus personalized agronomist and high resolution satellite analysis for fields of interest. The service includes bi-weekly private conference calls to review the latest information and ongoing access to the team of experts.
  • LandViewer States 
    • ​State-level planted acres, yield and production estimates, and climate related fundamental data. LandViewer currently covers the 18 top corn producing states
  • LandViewer Counties

When you know the corn supply, you're one step ahead of the competition. Why rely on months old data or estimates when you can have information and projections that are relevant today? 

Please complete the form to the right to request a call with a Genscape expert to learn more about LandViewer and evaluate how it can inform your ethanol pricing, buying, trading or investment strategies.