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On-Demand Webinar: Impacts of International Trade on the U.S. Biofuels Market

Gain a more complete picture of renewable fuel movements worldwide

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With the recent growth of international renewable fuel trade, transparency into the market is increasingly important. With a more complete picture of renewable fuel flows globally, traders and stakeholders can make better informed daily business decisions with the most up-to-date, reliable data in the industry. With Genscape Vesseltracker's proprietary global ship positioning monitors, Genscape is bringing a new class of intelligence to the ethanol and biodiesel transportation markets.

Genscape Vesseltracker AIS tracking data for Genscape's Global Biodiesel Imports Monitor and Global Ethanol Monitor
Genscape Vesseltracker AIS tracking data for Genscape's Global Biodiesel Imports Monitor and Global Ethanol Monitor. Click to enlarge

Watch this on-demand webinar to get a recap of U.S. imports and exports in 2015, look at international trading trends for 2016, and learn about the changing impact of international supplies on the overall U.S. supply of renewable fuels. 

Topics covered in this on-demand webinar:  

  • Recap of U.S. renewable fuel imports and exports in 2015 using Genscape Vesseltracker AIS data and proprietary storage tank level monitoring
  • Highlights of U.S. renewable fuel trade so far in 2016
  • Relationship between U.S. Gulf Coast tank activity and PADD 3 ethanol exports
  • International supply of advanced renewable fuels
    • Growth of biodiesel and renewable diesel imports for the advanced fuel mandate
    • Recent trends in Brazilian ethanol imports
  • Impacts and constraints of an increasing LCFS mandate

This on-demand webinar contains insights from both Genscape's Global Ethanol Monitor and Global Biodiesel Imports Monitor. The Biodiesel Imports Monitor provides the most reliable, up-to-date biodiesel import information available in the market, providing stakeholders with a more complete picture of biodiesel flows worldwide. Click here to learn more or request a free trial of Genscape's Biodiesel Imports Monitor, launching soon.

Genscape Vesseltracker currently runs one of the largest privately owned AIS receiver networks on the planet, combined with the largest AIS Satellite constellation currently available, over 144,000 vessels are tracked daily in near realtime. You can learn more or request a free trial of Vesseltracker here.

Please reach out to with any questions you may have.


Susan Olson

Susan Olson
VP, Products, Agriculture & Biofuels

Susan currently leads Genscape's Biofuels and RIN QAP businesses to help the industry achieve better market transparency and efficiency. Genscape has developed products that monitor ethanol inventories in major trading hubs, including the New York Harbor and Gulf Coast areas.

Will Martin

Will Martin
Analyst, Agriculture & Biofuels

Will is the lead economic analyst for the Genscape Ag & Biofuels team. He performs research and analytics for Genscape's ethanol supply chain and is currently developing a novel biodiesel benchmarking service.

Dylan Merz

Dylan Merz
Analyst, Biofuels

Dylan leads Genscape's product development to track ethanol shipments to and from the U.S. Adding to his background in the product line, he developed the storage intelligence and operations for each Genscape ethanol storage inventory report.

Ken Copenhaver

Ken Copenhaver
Senior Director, Engineering, Agriculture & Biofuels

Ken is the Senior Director, Engineering, for Agriculture at Genscape. He has over 20 years' experience working with geospatial tools for agriculture, including several years working with statellites at NASA. He has a M.A. in Geography from Indiana State University.