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AIS: Increasing Ferry Safety with the Big Data Tool You Already Have on Board

Understand how AIS data can be used to increase ferry safety, operational efficiency & passenger satisfaction

This webinar has already taken place on Thursday, November 2, 2017. Please fill out the form on the right to watch the recording.

The IMO has mandated that ferries use AIS tracking systems for over a decade, but many operators do not realize the full power of AIS as a cost-effective tool for operations and big data analysis. Using the Genscape Vesseltracker service, which harnesses data from already-installed AIS transponders, ferry operators can increase their safety, operational efficiency, and passenger satisfaction, without capital costs for new monitoring equipment.

Watch Genscape Vesseltracker and the Worldwide Ferry Safety Association's on-demand webinar that will provide key market insights that can be leveraged to ensure ferry safety and conduct efficient operations. The presentation was followed by a live Q&A session, during which we answered any questions posed before and during the webinar.

By watching this on-demand webinar, you will:

  • Understand how ferry operators can increase safety in extreme weather conditions by monitoring the AIS positions of their fleet and other nearby vessels
  • Learn how to mine historical AIS data to find collisions and reveal their causes
  • Conduct market research on new routes or proposed new landings to meet regulatory approval
  • Uncover easy, low-cost opportunities for ferry operators to improve their customers' experience

Please fill out the form on the right to watch the on-demand webinar.

Genscape Maritime, powered by the industry-leading Vesseltracker AIS network, delivers exceptional transparency and insight into global vessel movements and activities, providing the market with an unrivaled understanding of the global commodity supply chain. To learn more, or to request a free trial of Genscape Vesseltracker, please click here.

Genscape Vesseltracker Antenna Partners receive full access to all AIS antenna data and information from the ship database, including vessel owners and managers, and technical specifications. If you are interested in becoming an antenna partner, please click here.


David Hewson

David Hewson
Antenna Network Manager
Genscape Vesseltracker


Roberta Weisbrod

Roberta Weisbrod
Executive Director
Worldwide Ferry Safety Association