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Incorporating Monitored Data in Regional Natural Gas Storage

Gain a deeper understanding of intrastate storage facilities and insights into storage modeling with Genscape’s proprietary observations

This webinar already took place on Wednesday, September 20, 2017. Please fill out the form on the right to watch the recording.

Storage activity remains obscured in certain key market areas, particularly in the Midwest and South Central EIA regions. In order to fill the void, Genscape monitors and reports on activities at a selection of the most significant facilities in each region.

In this webinar, Genscape’s Intrastate Storage Team discussed the opportunities and limitations within this new source of fundamental data.

The presentation was followed by a live Q&A session, during which our expert analysts addressed any questions raised before and during the webinar.

Topics covered in this webinar:  

  • Overview of Illinois and Michigan storage dynamics
  • South Central and Midwest weekly EIA modeling with proprietary data
  • State-level storage model methodology, variable selection and proprietary results
  • Monitoring technology and applications

Genscape’s Intrastate Monitoring products provide fundamental insight into supply and demand in areas the public can’t see. The products share data derived from Genscape's proprietary monitoring that includes timely estimate injection and withdrawal values at key storage sites. To request a free trial of Genscape's Intrastate Storage Monitoring products, please click here.

Genscape’s Natural Gas Market Services offer public and proprietary natural gas data, delivering a holistic view of the market’s most important fundamental data, powered by experienced traders and analysts who understand and anticipate client needs. To learn more, or to request a free trial of Genscape's Natural Gas Market Services, please click here.


Hannah Burk

Hannah Burk
Natural Gas Proprietary Product Manager

Hannah Burk is the Natural Gas Proprietary Product Manager at Genscape. Hannah has been with the Genscape Natural Gas team since 2013 as research analyst and product manager. Hannah’s areas of expertise are LNG and Midwest and South Central storage. Hannah is currently leading development of Genscape’s natural gas monitoring of intrastate and LNG activity and contributing to Genscape’s weekly North American LNG report. Hannah runs several models of the EIA weekly and monthly storage reports using both public and non-public data and is well-versed in the technical details and operational behavior of many storage sites. Hannah graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.