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FREE WHITE PAPER The Evolving Domestic & Global Crude Oil Pricing Landscape 

Gain an inside look at Gulf Coast infrastructure and the complete supply chain 

The substantial increase in North American crude oil production over the past five years has significantly changed the fundamental relationship between domestic and global crude oil pricing. With more than 8 million bpd of refining capacity, the Gulf Coast is quickly becoming the most critical location for crude spot market activity and potential benchmarks to reflect market value for North America. 

This white paper will help you:

  • Understand the evolving relationship between the spot U.S. crude market and global oil market
  • Learn about the impact of Canadian production and the U.S. Midcontinent bottleneck on the Gulf Coast Crude market
  • Gain insight on increased horizontal drilling in North America and its impact on the Gulf Coast crude market
  • Read about the creation of new markets and the impact of massive infrastructure expansion
  • Learn about the importance of Gulf Coast market level fundamental data and transparency 

Aggregate fundamental data can no longer paint the picture of the Gulf Coast crude market because of growing production, additional crude grade variety, and the segregation of a holistic regional market into smaller, local segments. There is clear need for fundamental transparency and data to help enhance market efficiency, reduce market volatility, and set the foundation for benchmark pricing to emerge.

You can also click here to learn more or request a free trial of Genscape's proprietary monitoring services for crude pipeline flows and storage levels for an unmatched view of key market fundamentals in the Gulf Coast. 

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