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Not All AIS Providers Are the Same - Are You Sure You're Getting the Most From Your Current Provider?

Learn about the latest coverage expansions and data enhancements influencing the maritime trading world

​This webinar took place July 2014. To view the slides and recording, please completing this form.  

As the global economy continues to become more interconnected, it’s increasingly important for energy traders to have the latest maritime data for a comprehensive understanding of supply and demand, to make the most informed decisions and keep pace with the competition. New technologies and powerful digital networks are making it possible to gain visibility into the maritime freight movements that impact global markets. Vesseltracker benefits from a unique strategic partnership with exactEarth providing access to the most robust private satellite network and delivering the cleanest, most accurate real-time vessel data.

View this short and informative on-demand webinar, tailored specifically for major energy firms, banks and associated financial institutions.

After viewing this webinar recording, you will: 

  • Achieve a comprehensive understanding of supply and demand to make better trading decisions through superior AIS detection
  • See how patented de-collision technology improves data clarity
  • Understand how to make better trading decisions based on superior intelligence provided by reduced satellite reception latency and revisits
  • Gain complete confidence in Genscape Vesseltracker’s commitment to growth of its AIS detection network - providing an ever improving service

Our clients enjoy unprecedented transparency and unique competitive advantages across the global maritime freight industry – Hear what our clients have to say about Genscape Vesseltracker’s performance during the webinar.

“Genscape Vesseltracker has always provided high quality, reliable data, when and where we need it.” - John Paskin CEO Commodity Flow

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Adam Barnes

Adam Barnes
Marine Shipping


Simon Toyne

Simon Toyne
Business Development Director, Marine Shipping