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Global Biodiesel
Imports Monitor

Make informed trading decisions with the most reliable, up-to-date information available

Receive never-before-seen vessel intelligence for biodiesel & renewable diesel imports to the U.S. & Europe

Using Genscape Vesseltracker™ AIS data and proprietary ship tracking, the Global Biodiesel Monitor provides stakeholders with access to key international shipment information to deliver a more complete picture of biodiesel and renewable diesel flows worldwide.

U.S. Biodiesel Imports by Vessel Destination
After U.S. ruled anti-dumping law in August 2017, the EU reduced import duties and Argentine imports drastically increased to the region. As of December 2017, Malaysia imports to the EU are dropping off and Argentina imports are soaring. Click to enlarge

Genscape's Global Biodiesel Imports Monitor combines weekly updates with access to historical vessel movements into the U.S. and Europe. Each report includes two sections: the Vessel Watchlist for vessels in transit, and shipment confirmations for vessels that have arrived in the U.S. and Europe.

Users get access to the results of Genscape's proprietary tracking technology, including each port of interest that is monitored with electronic boundaries in near-real-time to track ingress and egress of ships. Each entry in the Vessel Watchlist includes vessel name, port information, departure date, estimated load upon departure, estimated arrival date, and expected destination. The Watchlist is updated weekly as the ship progresses toward the U.S. and Europe, providing customers with a way to anticipate future deliveries into the biodiesel and renewable diesel supply chains.

Once a shipment arrives at its destination, it is moved onto the Shipment Confirmation List. Each delivery is confirmed and compared to U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) data. Once EIA and public ITC data become available several weeks later, shipments are grouped by arrival month and compared to these sources, putting all the confirmed data in one place.

With this tool, users can quickly analyze real vessel movements on a granular level, providing them with a better, more complete, and more reliable understanding of the movement of biodiesel and renewable diesel from Argentina, Southeast Asia, Canada, and Germany to the U.S. and Europe.

Features of the Global Biodiesel Imports Monitor: 

  • Weekly report delivered Wednesday mornings via email and the Biofuels Industry Dashboard
  • Detailed intelligence on ship activities from departure to U.S. and European destinations
  • Critical data, including berth arrival date, berth departure date, draft change at berth, estimated load, next stated destination, and estimated arrival date
  • Information on confirmed vessel deliveries, including arrival date, product type, U.S. or European arrival terminal, and total days in journey

Benefits of the Global Biodiesel Imports Monitor: 

  • Know import arrival days ahead of customs data and four to eight weeks ahead of government publications to make more informed trading decisions with the most up-to-date data available in the market
  • Capture information on vessels traveling in and out of the terminal areas based on regions of interest around ports to better understand where imports are entering the U.S. and European supply chain and who is transporting them
  • Leverage more accurate, comprehensive measured data than vessel traffic reports for a more accurate view of the biodiesel supply and demand picture
  • Understand trends with a 12-month history of verified imports
  • Get implied rail shipments with Genscape's vessel reference data set compared to EIA total imports
  • Save time and streamline processes with focused vessel intelligence on the product of interest (biodiesel), without having to parse it from scratch from multiple data sources
  • Access analysts for on-demand, expert insight

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