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Getting Biogas to the RNG Market: Generating Biogas for Fleet Transportation

Overcome Challenges of Producing Biogas for Fleet Transportation Fuel

This webinar has already taken place on March 2, 2017. Please fill out the form on the right to watch the recording.

Genscape, BioFerm Energy Systems, and Broadwind Energy, delivered insight into achieving RINS credit, the challenges of anerobic digestion of organic waste, and gas compression technology used when designing your commercial RNG fueling operation.

Topics covered in this webinar:  

  • Biogas and PSA gas upgrading
  • How to overcome common challenges of upgrading biogas to renewable natural gas quality:
    • Typical biogas impurities from various biogenic sources
    • Handling high-nitrogen or hydrogen sulfide biogas streams
    • Pressure Swing Adsorption - biogas upgrading operational requirements
    • Meeting typical North American pipeline requirements
  • Real World Case Studies: Food Processor and Wastewater Treatment Plant Biogas Upgrading
  • Understanding the EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs)
  • Overview of Broadwind-SAFE and biogas compressor equipment offerings
  • Best practices for selecting the right compression equipment to meet fleet needs
  • Using Mobile Biogas Refueling to Fuel Remote Vehicle Fleets

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