Genscape’s Generation Fuel Monitor Report

Don’t be left in the dark on the latest trends in fuel switching in the power generation market.

Take advantage of Genscape’s thousands of patented and high-tech in-the-field energy monitors and the models built by Genscape’s analysts to view daily fuel consumption at US power plants for all power sector fuels:  coal, gas, hydro, wind, nuclear – even oil.

This proprietary network of real-time energy monitors – over a decade in the making – and associated models will allow you to:

What was the gas burn for last week?  At current gas prices, what coal type is at risk of being displaced?  Is fuel switching happening – or is it simply increases in power demand?  Genscape provides the answers.



Generation Fuel Monitor Report Graph
Stacked National Fuel burn chart shows TOTAL US ELECTRICITY DEMAND by each independent fuel type

Click here to view a sample of Genscape’s Fuel Monitor Report.



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