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WHITE PAPER: Unravelling the Real Story Behind European Power Demand

See the effects of recent economic events on electricity demand across Europe & what this shows about demand elasticity & power-to-GDP intensity 

Turbulent economic events over the last ten years have fundamentally reshaped the European electricity industry. While it is no surprise that electricity demand has reacted strongly to these changes, particularly in the industrial and commercial sectors, the response has by no means been uniform across countries like Germany, Spain, and Greece. The different responses from different countries illuminate details about their relative demand elasticity and the power-to-GDP intensity.

since 2012, demand has steadily declined in eu
Since 2012, European power demand has continued to fall steadily. This is largely in line with the general economic situation. Click to enlarge

In this white paper, you will: 

  • Gain insight into how recent economic events have affected electricity demand in countries like Germany, Spain, and Greece
  • See how different European countries have responded to electricity demand changes and what this means about their relative demand elasticity
  • Clarify the true meaning of "power consumption." Does it include network losses?
  • Learn why the 2014 EU average cumulative power demand growth is below the 2007 level

Through a unique combination of market insight, using data research, relevant data streams, and rigorous quality control, the Genscape EPSI Platform provides an unparalleled depth and quality of data focused on the fundamentals of the European power markets. To learn more or request a custom consultation, please click here

To see how Genscape's EPSI platform is bringing transparency across the European power sector, be sure to download EPSI's feature story appearing in the April 2015 edition of Commodities Now Magazine.

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