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White Paper: A Non-Contact Sensing Approach for the Measurement of Overhead Conductor Parameters & Dynamic Line Ratings

A White Paper written by Genscape, AEP & PJM Interconnection, LLC. & presented at CIGRE US National Committee 2017 Grid of the Future Symposium

Understand how electromagnetic field sensor data can be leveraged to discover grid flexibility & congestion mitigation

The landscape of the electricity generation, transmission, and distribution sector is one that is constantly evolving. Generator retirements, new generation coming online, transmission line rebuilds, new transmission lines being energized, and the adoptions of new technologies are some of the factors at play in shaping the short- and long-term operational and planning strategies of utility and market operators.

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While the timelines associated with these events can be lengthy, the immediate need for flexibility within the existing grid assets persists. Utilities and market operators are constantly looking at technologies and processes to reliably improve the utilization of existing assets. One technology that has shown to have the potential to increase capacity on thermally-limited transmission lines is Dynamic Line Rating (DLR).

In October of 2016, Oak Ridge National Laboratory issued a subcontract to perform a field-based study on the potential impact DLR can have on increasing capacity on existing transmission lines, and that capacity’s effect on the efficiency of power market operations. Genscape, Inc., American Electric Power Corporation (AEP), and PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. entered into a research agreement to perform this work. This paper provides a description of the methodology used to determine the DLR values.

The methodology in this white paper covers:

  • Dynamic Line Ratings
  • Electromagnetic Field Sensosrs
  • Selection of the Target Transmission Line and Monitoring Sites
  • Installation of the EMF Line Monitoring Equipment
  • Data Analysis

Gencape's LineVision® systems are proven, non-contact solution for transmission line monitoring, assessment, and dynamic line ratings. For more information, or for a complimentary consultation, please click here.

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